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Danish MPs learn about the law

In an unprecedented effort to educate lawmakers run rampant, Danish members of parliament have received copies of Frédéric Bastiat essay The Law.

Together with a copy of The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law by Connor Boyack it is the hope of the donator that at least some of MPs will read, discuss, and also talk to their children or grandchildren about when the use of force against others is justified. The Danes are among the peoples who suffer the most from government intervention with the State extorting about half of the GDP from the citizens (Fig 1).

Thanks to an education system controlled by the government many Danes now see to the State for help with any problem they encounter in life, including problems created by…the State!

The result is ever increasing size of governmental expenditure (fig 2).

Fig 1 Taxes, OECD


Fig 2 Income tax and other taxes
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