Operation OMF-EN

Operation Oplysning til Medlemmerne af Folketinget (OMF) (Education for Members of Parliament) has commenced.


Ready to ship
41 kg of law











Our members of parliament apparently need to be reminded that they are not composed of a different material than the rest of mankind. That they are incapable of directing the ‘economy‘ or our lives despite their desire to do so – as assessed by the extent of their rules and regulations, not to mention their attempts to regulate our lives.

Therefore I have provided each member of parliament with a copy of my translation of Bastiat’s The Law as well as a copy of my translation of The Tuttle Twins learn about the Law. It is my hope(!) that this might bring a few of ‘our’ lawmakers to reconsider what their true role is !

You can see the cover letter to the MPs at this address. (Danish)


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